AF 56mm F1.8 APS-C

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Mount: Sony E

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Portrait Lens

TTArtisan AF 56mm F1.8, Details | Atmosphere | Storytelling


Portrait Lens
Stepper Motor
F1.8 Large Aperture & ED Glass
Eye Detection
Closest focus distance:0.5m

Large Aperture AF Lens

The 56mm F1.8 lens offers excellent performance with its wide aperture, autofocus capability, and lightweight design, making it suitable for capturing a diverse range of photography subjects.


Stepper Motor

The TTArtisan AF 56mm F1.8 lens features an "STM+lead screw type" structure, ensuring smooth and rapid autofocus for capturing unforgettable moments with ease.

Eye Detection

Efficient and responsive eye detection simplifies the process of capturing beautiful moments in photography, while ensuring smooth and steady video recordings.

Capture sharp images with wide open aperture

The lens comprises 10 lens elements arranged in 9 groups, incorporating 1 ultra-low dispersion element and 2 high-index glasses. This configuration minimizes dispersion and chromatic aberration, resulting in a notable enhancement in image quality.

F1.8 Large Aperture Soft Bokeh

The F1.8 aperture facilitates the entry of more light into the camera, particularly advantageous for low-light photography. Moreover, its large aperture effectively sharpens foreground subjects while creating a pleasing background blur.

Ideal focal length for portraits

With a 56mm focal length on APS-C, equivalent to 84mm on a full-frame camera, this lens is greatd for portrait photography. It can accentuate your subject while producing a pleasing background blur effect.

Chromatic Dispersion Control ED glass

Ultra-low dispersion glass elements are employed in the lens to minimize purple fringing and enhance clarity.

Shot with AF 56mm F1.8 (Zoom in)

Shot with lenses without ED-glass (Zoom in)

233~245g, Lightweight and portable

The TTArtisan AF 56mm F1.8 is designed to be compact and lightweight, ensuring effortless portability and allowing you to capture perfect moments without feeling burdened, even when on the move.

Metal material

Crafted from aviation-grade aluminum, both the lens barrel and mount boast a sleek metal texture that seamlessly complements your camera's aesthetic.

Well-designed Firmware update Interface

The Type-C interface for firmware update of TTArtisan AF 56mm F1.8 is design

Focal length 56mm
Maximum aperture F1.8
Closest focus distance 0.5m
Minimum aperture F16
Frame APS-C Frame
Diaphragm Blades 9pcs
Filter size 52mm
Optical Design 10 Elements in 9 Groups
Angle of view 28°
Focus method AF
Weight Around 233~245g
Mount E/X

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