23mm F1.4 APS-C

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Mount: Sony E

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TTArtisan APS-C 23mm f1.4 lens adopts an optical structure of 8 elements in 6 groups, including one low dispersion element and three high refractive elements to ensure the image quality. Specially made for APS-C frame models, also a good lens for storytelling. 23mm focus length is equivalent to 35mm of full-frame, which is known as the "eye of humanity". It provides wonderful and soft bokeh with the maximum aperture of f1.4, supports images with low ISO in the dark light environment to ensure high image quality.

Eye of humanity

35mm focus length which is known as the "Eye of Humanities". 23mm APS-C is equivalent to 35mm, you can use this lens virtually in every situation.

Multi-role lens

It can also shoot the landscape and humanities with equivalent to 35mm, get a double advantage, and makes your focusing life much easier.

Large aperture of F1.4

Bokeh often increases an aesthetic, romantic, and warm atmosphere to photos, fast f/1.4 maximum aperture provides the better condition for creating a wonderful bokeh.

Retro and elegant appearance

The retro look shows an acme of elegance when you shoot. Brings you full of gratification even just looking at it.

Design of Clicked Aperture

Skillful manufacture brings you a master photography experience.


  Focal length :   23mm

  Closest focusing distance :   0.2m

  Frame :   APS-C/ MFT

  Filter size :   43mm

  Angle of view :   62°

  Weight :   around 222~250g

  Maximum aperture :   F1.4

  Minimum aperture :   F16

  Diaphragm Blades :   10pcs

  Optical Design :   8 Elements in 6 Groups

  Focus method :   Manual

  Lens Type :   For mirrorless camera

APS-C 23mm F1.4 Lens Compatibility

SONY E-mount

Fuji X-mount

Canon M-mount

Canon RF-mount
EOS R, RP, R5, R6

R7, R10 

Nikon Z-mount



Leica:T、TL、TL2、CL、Sigma:FP(Camera settings: APS-C mode)