90mm F1.25

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Mount: Sony E

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Key Features
Available in Sony E, Nikon Z, Canon RF, L Mount, GFX & X1D mount
Aperture Range: f/1.25 to f/16
Manual Focus Operation

Compatible with

SONY E-mount
A7、A7Ⅱ(A7M2)、A7Ⅲ (A7M3) 、A7R、A7RⅡ(A7RM2)、A7RⅢ(A7RM3)、A7RⅣ(A7M4)、A7S、A7SⅡ(A7SM2)、A7SⅢ(A7SM3)、A9、A7C

Nikon Z-mount

Canon RF-mount

Fuji GFX-mount
GFX100、GFX 50S、GFX 50R、GFX100S

Sigma FP | Leica T、TL、SL、CL、TL2 | Panasonic S1、S1R、S1H、S5


Distinguished by its bright design, the TTArtisan 90mm f/1.25 is an exceptionally fast portrait-length prime designed for fullframe mirrorless cameras. Its longer-than-normal focal length suits isolating subjects from busy backgrounds, and the f/1.25 design helps to achieve a shallow depth of field. Balancing the optical merits, this lens's manual focusing design affords a 3.3' minimum focusing distance and a 10-blade diaphragm contributes to a pleasing bokeh quality.

Four Sets of Cemented Elements

Four sets of cemented elements are used in a 90mm f1.25 lens to significantly improve the chromatic aberration and the resolution performance, presenting excellent image quality.

First Choice for Portrait & Close-up Beauty
Its high speed and the unique aesthetics of its depth of focus make this telephoto lens the first choice for portrait photographers. The angle of view is 27 degrees. It highlights the main body while avoiding the suffocating sense of space compression caused by a super-telephoto lens.

Smooth Bokeh with Fast F/1.25 Maximum Aperture
Extremely fast f/1.25 maximum aperture affords notable control over depth of field for selective focus shooting, and also benefits handheld shooting in difficult lighting conditions.
The smooth transition between the focused object and the bokeh creates a dreamy picture with an ideal depth of field and a fascinating background blur.

Lens Hood Reverse Attaching
Handy reversible design allows you to attach the lens hood in reverse for easy storage. With the extended lens end, it can protect the lens from moisture, wind-blown debris & impact.

Bring with Tripod Mounting Hole
Due to the size and weight, the 90mm F1.25 manual focus lens fits on a tripod for a more stable shot, so there is a tripod mounting hole at the bottom of the lens.

Compatible with All Mirrorless Cameras
It can be adapted on all mirrorless cameras with adapter rings, such as Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Hasselblad, Panasonic, and other brands.