Leica M to Nikon Z 6Bit Adapter

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Aperture data recording
Using an M-mount lens with a normal adapter ring on the Z camera body, the changes of the aperture ring can not be captured by the camera system. In this case, the photo will lack the recording of the aperture data. With the TTArtisan 6Bit adapter, the issue will be solved easily. you only need to set the aperture data the same as the aperture of the lens, and the aperture information will be recorded in the photo Exif information.

Focal length identifying
For lenses with 6Bit contacts, the adapter ring will automatically identify the lens focal length data and transmit it to the camera system;

For lenses without 6Bit contacts, after manually setting the lens focal length date on the adapter ring, the camera can record the focal length information.

Preset selectable focal lengths:


Camera anti-shake turn on
Even with the adapter ring, advanced features like the camera anti-shake can also be used as usual.

Lightweight Body, Feel Free to Carry
The adapter ring is made of high-grade aviation aluminium, and the weight is only 42 grams, to lighten the burden of photography and keep the focus on creation.

High Extinction Coating of Inner Wall
Extinction thread suppresses stray light and ensures image quality.

Applicable models
Z Mount

APS-Frame: Z 50, Z 30, Z FC

Full Frame: Z 5, Z 6, Z 6II, Z 7, Z 7II